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RICO Hand Sanitizer Wipes-50pcs (Imported from Korea)
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Brand Rico
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Brand: RICO (By Korea)
Product Name: RICO Alcohol Sanitizer Wipes
Capacity: 50pcs (1pack)
Size: 15cm x 20cm x 60g


  • Kills 99.9% of bad bacteria
  • Magic Cap with Lid | Convenient | Keep your wet wipes fresh
  • Thickness of 60G | Better durability
  • High water content with high quality fabric | Gentle on skin
  • Contains only safe and natural ingredients | Suitable for sensitive skin
  • 7-steps Purifying Process | Safe to use even on face and mouth
  • Famous brand from Korea | 100% Imported from Korea
  • Certified by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Best selling sanitizer wipes in Korea | Approved by the Korean Ministry of Drug Safety and meets the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare standards

How multipurpose could RICO Hand Sanitizer Wipes be?

  • Need to buy groceries, but the shopping cart has too much germs, wipe it with RICO!
  • Go to public place,worry about germ on door knob, tables and chairs etc, wipe it with RICO!
  • Out for a nice meal, is the culinary clean?Wipe it with RICO!
  • RICO Hand Sanitizer Wipes recognized by FDA, it is safe to use the utensil to dine right after the wipe
  • In the bath room, worrying about the germs on toilet bowl,wipe it with RICO!
  • On public transports, worrying about the germs on grab handles,wipe it with RICO!


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