Spectra Handsfree Cup Set - 24mm / 28mm
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Brand Spectra
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Brand: Spectra
Product Name: Spectra Handsfree Cup Set

Breast Shield: 24mm / 28mm

Imported from Korea (New)


Spectra Handsfree help freedom for your hands! Comes with effetcive pumping, both your hands are free to multi-task while pumping and an economical solution through full compatibility with Spectra Breast Pump product. 


Mommies also can pump whenever and wherever! It help save the time at home by pumping while breastfeeding and can pump in the office with your clothes on as Handfree fits into your underwear or in public where there is no personal space.


Spectra Handsfree Cup comes with parts for 2 different pumping modes:

  • Handsfree: Put the collection cup into the bra
  • Traditional: Connect the bottle connector to a bottle

Note: Spectra Handfree is compatible with the S series, 9 series, M1, Q series and dual S model without the need for additionnal parts. (Spectra Handfree is not compatible with the manual and piston type breast pumps)



Each set contains a pair of:

  • Milk collection cup x2
  • 24mm / 28mm breast shield x2
  • Valve connector x2
  • Silicone valve x2
  • Membrane x2
  • Backflow prevention cap x2
  • Tubing x2
  • Bottle connector x2

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