Ecobaby Soft Building Block
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Product Name: Ecobaby Soft Building Block


- Bright colors, cultivate the baby's ability to use hands and brains, good gift to accompany baby of early childhood education.

- Multi-sides 3D relief embossed inspires baby's cognitive ability: fruit and vegetable cognition, shape learning, animal recognition, rich and diverse content, so that children's cognitive ability is stronger.

- Exercise the baby's grasping ability, gently pinch out the sound: large particles of building blocks, comfortable grip, exercise the baby's grasping ability and hearing training.

- Splicing recognition ability, positive and negative concave and convex design, can exercise the baby's coordination ability, strengthen the baby's recognition ability.

- Squeeze the building blocks to release the empty space, put them into the water to absorb water, and press them after washing to spray water.

- Simple number addition and subtraction exercises, exercise the baby's thinking ability.

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